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The Full Story

My name is Destini, and if I am not at my full-time job, or creating memories with the people I love, I am in my home studio creating content. 

I started editing videos in college as a homework assignment. I received my bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and spent most of my college career as a one-woman band. Carrying around equipment, micing subjects, writing, and editing the story. After I graduated, I was a production assistant and editor for an award-winning documentary film, Women of Faith Coping with Trauma. During that time, I also did freelance work: website building, social media managing, and video editing. 


That’s the year everything changed for me. I was laid off from my job because of the pandemic and had no choice but to be still. That year, I re-started my YouTube channel and learned that my passion is to encourage, help, and teach through video. I believe video creating will be a part of my legacy.

About Me: Bio
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